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Multi Payline Slots

Multiple Payline Slots, otherwise known as Multi Line Slots, are slots game with more than one payline; and therefore offer the player a greater chance of winning. When playing a Multi Line Slot you are effectively playing a number simultaneous games at once, for example, if you are playing a slots game with the option of 15 paylines, then you can active all 15 paylines and therefore, in theory at least, possibly win x15 times; once for every payline. If a player wishes, they can lower the number of paylines, normally down to one, depending upon how large or small the amount of their wager.

Multi Payline Slots game have a Paytable displaying all of the possible winning combinations. These paytables vary slightly from casino to casino but there are generally two types, as shown below. The first depicts the combinations using lines and the other using coloured blocks and both tables are showing you the same thing. Clicking on the 'Paytable' link before you start playing a slot game will give you all of the possible winning combinations in that game.

x15 Payline Slot - Line Paytable Example
15 Payline Paytable in Lines.
x15 Payline Slot - Block Paytable Example
15 Payline Paytable in Blocks.

Multi Payline Slots can have all of the usual slots features such as progressive jackpots, varying numbers of reels and scatter, wild and gamble features.

Multi Payline Slots by Number of Paylines

Clicking on the Payline icons below will take you to the relevant Payline Index page where you will find online slots reviews listed for 2 payline slots right up to games with 100 Paylines. There are even reviews for slots games that exceed 100 paylines, such as the revolutionary 243 'Ways Win' slots.

No. of Paylines
Multi Payline Slots Games
No. of Slots
1 Payline Slots Classic 1 Payline Slots Games
2 Payline Slots 2 Payline Slots Games
3 Payline Slots 3 Payline Slots Games
4 Payline Slots 4 Payline Slots Games
5 Payline Slots 5 Payline Slots Games
7 Payline Slots 7 Payline Slots Games
8 Payline Slots 8 Payline Slots Games
9 Payline Slots 9 Payline Slots Games
10 Payline Slots 10 Payline Slots Games
12 Payline Slots 12 Payline Slots Games
15 Payline Slots 15 Payline Slots Games
17 Payline Slots 17 Payline Slots Games
18 Payline Slots 18 Payline Slots Games
20 Payline Slots 20 Payline Slots Games
21 Payline Slots 21 Payline Slots Games
25 Payline Slots 25 Payline Slots Games
30 Payline Slots 30 Payline Slots Games
40 Payline Slots 40 Payline Slots Games
50 Payline Slots 50 Payline Slots Games
60 Payline Slots 60 Payline Slots Games
100 Payline Slots 100 Payline Slots Games
243 Ways to Win Slots 243 Ways To Win Slots Games

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