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Circus Slot Game

Circus Slot

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Circus Slot Machine Features
Reels: 5 Bonus Game: Yes Wild Symbol: Yes
Paylines: 20 Free Spins: No Scatter: Yes
Max Coins: 20 Gamble: No Bonus Symbol: Yes
Coin Sizes: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, 20, $25 Multiplier: Yes

Online Slots Review Comments

Overview of Circus Slot Machine: This is an action packed 5 reel slot with 20 paylines and has no fewer than 16 different bonus games divided into the four ability categories of Strength, Courage, Balance and Showmanship.

It must be said that this really is one of the most comprehensive slot games you are ever likely to play online. It is elaborate in graphic detail, full of rich sound effect with the famous circus music playing in the background and will keep you happy for hours.

Before you even set sight on a single reel you are invited to choose from one of 4 circus characters, each with different abilities relating to the 4 different categories mentioned above. There is Fenchurch the bear representing the Strength category. Ignatius the stuntman who represents Courage. Nadia the acrobat represents Balance and Showmanship is represented by Mr Blinky the clown. So selecting a character with Balance will stand you in good stead for when you play any of the 4 Balance games within the 16 Bonus games available to you in the game. The ability levels also increase your win multiplyer, so the longer you play the higher your wins.

When the reels are displayed, your chosen character will be situated in the top left hand corner of the screen throughout the game and when you play a bonus game, your character will be the player of that game. If you mouse-over the 'Multiplyer Abilities' scroll in the top right of the screen, a very tidy menu drops down displaying the different progress levels of each ability category i.e. Strength, Courage, Balance and Showmanship.

The reel symbols on this slot game include the usual high valued playing card symbols (9 - Ace) plus you will find an Elephant, Sea Lion and Flame Thrower, Ringmaster and Circus tent. The jackpot symbol is the Elephant symbol.

Scatter Symbol: The Scatter symbol is the Big Top icon and is animated with a circus truck delivery when activated.

Bonus Symbol: The Bonus symbol on the Circus slot game are represented by 4 symbols covering the 4 categories of Strength (Strongman Weights), Courage (Canon), Showmanship (a Clown) and Balance (a Unicycle).

Wild Symbol: The Wild symbols on the Circus slot game is the Ringmaster symbol and is animated with an elephant in a circus ring when activated.

Multiplier Symbol: Along with the Human circus cannon being one of the multiplier symbol the other multiplier symbols are the Strong mans weights which you see get picked up by the strong man and he falls through the floor and off the bottom of the game, the unicycle and the picture of the clown with green hair, red nose and baggy pink trousers with yellow spots.

Winning Information - How to Win at Glamour Puss

Jackpot coin value: The largest jackpot in the Circus slots game is 1000 coins.

Jackpot money value: The maximum money jackpot value is $25000 which is calculated as follows; 1000 x the maximum bet per payline $25 so 1000 x $25 = $25000.

How to win the Top Jackpot: To win the top jackpot (1000x the line bet), you need 5 Jackpot symbols on an activated payline.

To win the maximum money value jackpot ($25000) you must be betting with the maximum coin value which is $25 the max bet per spin is therefore $500 per spin.

Jackpot information for low stakes players: For a bet of just 1 cent (1 cent with 1 payline activated) you can win a jackpot of $10.

Hot Tip: As this game awards many different bonus games it is best to play for free before playing for real money so you get to know what these bonus games do and work.

Bonus Features Explained

Free Spins: No Free spins are awarded on this slot game.

Bonus Game: There are an incredible 16 Bonus games awarded on the Circus slot game. These are made up of 4 games per Ability category, as described above and the character that you picked at the begining of the game will appear in any bonus games you play.

The first bonus game is the Pyramid of Peril and here you have to build a human pyramid by picking where you want the acrobat to land.

The next bonus game is the Punishing Pull of Pain and you have to drag a heavy weight across the screen and wow the crowd to win a prize.

Circus Slot Bonus Game - Punishing Pull

The next bonus game is the Human Canon ball, here you must choose how much gun powder you will need to load into the canon.

The next bonus game is an Arm Wrestling round where you use your keyboard to control the arm wrestling contest.

The next bonus game is the Muscle Machine, here you have to pick a hammer to hit the plunger with in the hope you will ring the bell on the machine.

The next bonus game is the Death Drop of Doom, here you have to navigate a motorbike across the screen and jump across a ring of fire and several buses!

The next bonus game is the Escapologist game and here you have to remove a straight jacket under water before you drown!

The next bonus game is the Lion Tamer game, here you have to put your head in the Lions mouth, the longer you manage to leave it in the more you will win!

The next bonus game is the Tight Rope bonus game. here you have to steer your bike across the wire track without falling off.

The next bonus game is the Towering Trapeze, here you have to jump between the two trapeze artists without falling to the ground, if you manage to stay in the air you will win more cash.

The next bonus game is the Jolly Juggler, here you have to pick items to juggle whilst staying balanced on a unicycle! Don't fall off though!

Circus Slot Bonus Game

The next bonus game is the Horse Ride game, here you have to stay on the horse whilst performing a trick, if you fail to perform the trick you lose.

Circus Slot Bonus Game - Horse Riding

The next bonus game is the Clown Car, here you have to squeeze as many clowns as you can into the car, the more you get in there the more you will win.

The next bonus game is the Propel the Perfect Pies, this is a pie throwing game where you win more for hitting the target.

The next bonus game is the Knife Thrower, here you have to hit a spinning target with your knives the more times you hit the target the more you will win.

The final bonus game is The Miraculous Magician, here you have to perform a series of tricks some are good but some are bad but all will award a cash prize if you perform them

Circus Slot

Additional Information

Software Provider: PartyGaming - This online casino software provider boasts a great range of thrilling slots based on the very best Hollywood movies, the graphics are fantastic and the slots games are second to none.

Similar Slots / Pokies & Fruit Machine Games: If you liked Circus Slots you may also enjoy the following types of slots games: Video Slots, High Roller Slots and Penny Slots.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that circuses use a Big Tent to perform in. This is known as a Big Top.

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