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How to Win at Slots

One of the key elements of Online Slots 4U is that we want to show players how to give themselves the best possible chance of winning at slots. Do not be mistaken we are not claiming to have a fool proof winning slots system, in fact we advise you avoid any such 'guaranteed to beat slot machines scheme' because in our experience there is no such way.

However, there are things you can do to sway the odds of winning, or not losing, in your favour.

Simply Play For Free - We Offer Over 700 on this Site. Free!

Firstly, option, is not to lose. How do you do that? Well you simply our play free slots. However, since adding that mini free section to the site some time ago, we have since transformed over 700+ of our slot reviews into free play game pages.

So, for example visit Cleopatra's Gold, and on that page you can play, totally free! We have also provided theoption to play the game in full screen, which simply opens up the game in a new window and allows you to play the slot game in all its full size glory. Simply navigate the site or use the search function in the top right hand menu and find the ideal slot for you.

For examples of sections of free slots, check out these software types:

Real Time Gaming offers approximately 100, but not all are available in free mode so check a few.

Slotland - Offers 10 free slot games and accepts US players.

If a slot game is not available directly on our site, try downloading one of the recommended casinos from the review page, as the vast majority of slot games are available in free mode at the casinos.

Claim the Best Bonuses! - From Online Slots 4U

A second option of increasing your odds of winning is to choose an online casino that offers you one of the best bonuses. There are multiple types of bonuses, both small and large, just choose the ones your most comfortable with.

In particular you could take advantage of free spins bonuses, or no deposit bonuses. Even a $10.00 free no deposit bonus will get you a 1000 spins of a penny slot game.

How To Win Playing Individual Slot Games

It is simply not possible to guarantee to win every time you play, and that goes for other casino games like blackjack, and roulette (as well as slot machines) so please do not get suckered into any such scam.

However you can improve your chances of winning, and you can also have a say in the amount you win, this is especially the case with slots games.

First we are going to explain the odds to you so you understand how exactly slot machines pay out, then we are going to explain two very important aspects of our site to you, those two key aspects are;

1. The 'Winning Information - How to Win at' section which can be found in every slots review on this site.

2. The 'Bonuses and Player Rewards' section which can be found on every casino review on this site.

How much do Slot Machines Pay Out?

Slot machines have what is known as a payout rate which is usually given as a percentage. If a payout rate is 90% then the machine is returning 90% of what is put into it in winnings.

This also applies to online slots machines, however the payout rates between land based slot machines and online slots vary considerably. Generally speaking you will get a better payout rate at an online slot that you will at a regular land based slot. Typically land based slots have payout rates ranging from 75% up to 95% whilst online slots range from 90% to 99%, we have done our best to only list casinos on this site that offer a high payout rate which will help you have a better chance of winning.

It is normal for a payout rate to be calculated over 10,000 spins, so a slots game with a payout rate of 98% that cost $1 per spin would pay out $9,800 over the course of 10,000 spins. Of course how it pays it out decides who wins and who loses.

For example one person might spend $2000 on that machine and only win $500 back (making a net loss of $1500) whilst another person might only spend $100 and win $2000 (so a net profit of $1900).

Winning Information - How to Win at Slot Machine X

You will notice that on every slots review we have a section titled Winning Information - How to Win at (and then the name of the slots game being reviewed). This section contains valuable information and is one of the things that makes this site different (and better than) other slots review web sites.

This section is broken up into a number of important parts, we have explained each of these parts below.

Jackpot coin value: This part tells you the maximum number of coins you can win on this slots game from a single payline win. Note it might not be the maximum amount you can win via the bonus game that could be more or less.

Jackpot money value: Next we show you what the maximum money jackpot value is from a single payline win. We also show you how it is calculated.

How to win the Top Jackpot: Then we explain exactly what symbols you have to get where in order to win the top jackpot amounts.

Jackpot information for low stakes players: We then added this section in because we thought it was important that even low stakes players knew how much they are really playing for. Often we will add a tip into this section so if you like low stakes slots make sure you read this part of our review for any games you are considering playing.

Hot Tip: One we have explained what you can win and how, we tell you how to best exploit the rules of the game to give yourself the best possible chance of winning as much as possible for your money. If for example there is extra value in betting a certain number of coins or above or in activating over a certain number of paylines we will point that out in this section and will also explain why.

There are way too many aspects for us to point out every possible 'hot tip' on this page so you will have to check our reviews, but we can not stress enough how important it is that you read these tips. Imagine for example you where playing on a progressive slots game with a jackpot of $1 million, and you were lucky enough to get the exact winning combination to win that jackpot on the reels but it didn't pay out and when you read the small print in the rules of the game you find you needed to have all 15 paylines active (or bet a lest 2 coins per payline) to win the progressive jackpot and you had only activated 10 paylines or bet 1 coin per payline. Imagine how disappointed you would be, now image you had read this section of our page where we had already read and dissected the rules of the game and told you exactly what you needed to do in order that you have the best chance of winning the progressive jackpot. When those symbols fell into place you would have just won that $1 million.

That is a rather extreme example but we hope you get the point and slots winnings are indeed extreme.

Bonuses and Player Rewards

The Bonuses and Player Rewards section can be found on every casino review page we have on the site. This is another section that you should really make sure you read as we will show you how to get the maximum amount of free money to play with.

Again we have broken the section into sub sections so that it is clear and easy to understand, below we have detailed what each section will tell you.

Welcome Bonus: We explain exactly what the welcome bonus is at the casino being reviewed and let you know how it is paid. If it is a complex or multi part bonus we will often have extra sub headers to help make this easier to understand. We will show you how you can get the maximum bonus amount in this section.

Low Stakes Players Bonus Notes: Once again we show how a lower stakes player can still make the most of the casinos welcome bonus.

Payment Methods Bonus: Most casinos have preferred payment methods and will give you an extra bonus (so more free money) for using those preferred methods to make your deposits. In this part we tell you what those payment methods are as well as how big the extra bonus is.

Loyalty Program: Many casinos have a loyalty program of some description and we point out exactly what you get for being a regular player.



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